Two Simple Concepts for Getting the Most from Absurd Ideas

Barbee’s fifth article in a series focused on innovation was recently published through PwC’s strategy+business network: Two Simple Concepts for Getting the Most from Absurd Ideas.

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Lead with a Vision


strategy+business (s+b), an award-winning management magazine geared toward organizational and business decision makers, is published through the  PricewatershouseCoopers (PwC Strategy& LLC) network. It recently included my article, “A Simple Concept: Lead with a Vision” on its blog and is based on one of my favorite nuggets related to stating a vision.

You can (and should) stretch yourself creatively by collecting pithy, approachable nuggets or reminders of what you may already know as a leader, but may be neglecting to put into practice. To learn more about leading with a vision, you can read the full article here.