Training Magazine Embraces Innovation in the Organization

Training MagazineMost of us work for someone in an organization.

Training Magazine (a 50-year-old professional development publication) just released an article that brings techniques for offering innovation inspiration to both large numbers of employees and executive leadership groups.

Since companies can no longer rely on acquisitions for sustained growth, they must instill a renewed spirit of innovation down into their organization.

Take a look at Training Magazine’s article, Innovation Means Never Stop Learning, for a few tips on sustaining innovation—what I like to elevate as “The Learning Organization” in my book, 63 Innovation Nuggets. You can learn more about this book here as well.

Fast Company: Barbee’s Book Busts “Thinker’s Cramp”

Fast Company - George Barbee
Fast Company’s Stephanie Vozza explores 6 myths surrounding innovation with author George Barbee and his new book, 63 Innovation Nuggets (for aspiring innovators). Barbee feels that “anyone is capable of being innovative.”

Barbee’s book can help break and even avoid the dreaded “thinker’s cramp” for individuals as well as small and large companies when it comes to entrepreneurial endeavors and innovation. You are selling yourself short “if you think innovation is only for genius inventors like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.”

To read more about these innovation myths (and how to bust “thinker’s cramp), continue on to the article at Fast Company.

Forbes: 8 Myths That Can Inhibit Innovation

George Barbee, 62 Innovation Nuggets, 8 Myths that can inhibit Innovation in your Business, Martin Zwilling, Forbes

We are very pleased by a new mention of 63 Innovation Nuggets (for aspiring innovators) in a timely Forbes article—this time by contributor Martin Zwilling in 8 Myths That Can Inhibit Innovation In Your Business.

It is indeed a myth that innovation must be driven top down by visionary leaders.

In my book, I discuss the idea that in a global economy with inherent complexities, innovative decision-making must happen down in the organization, but also in concert with senior management’s leadership and vision. Innovation is best led by vision, and it must be encouraged, developed and rewarded. Having a vision is important, but reinforcing that vision with success stories and celebrating it with individuals can make it come alive in implementation.

What has been your experience related to innovation in an organization? Are innovators encouraged to innovate by management? Are innovators rewarded and celebrated? How can you (or your organization) facilitate an innovative culture?

Anne Fisher, FORTUNE, reviews 63 Innovation Nuggets (for aspiring innovators)

A new book offers bite-sized chunks of insight into where new ideas come from.










We are very pleased to announce that FORTUNE magazine writer, Anne Fisher, recently favorably reviewed 63 Innovation Nuggets (for aspiring innovators) in her online piece titled “63 Ways to Be More Innovative at Work” (Nov. 4, 2015).

Fisher, author of two books herself and columnist for FORTUNE since 1996, writes, “Barbee’s ideas are deceptively simple, but each one could pack a real punch.”

Whether you pack this book in your travel bag or keep it by your bedside, you’ll find yourself drawn into its practical wisdom again and again. You can read the entire article online at FORTUNE.