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strategy+business (s+b), an award-winning management magazine geared toward organizational and business decision makers, is published through the  PricewatershouseCoopers (PwC Strategy& LLC) network. It recently included my article, “A Simple Concept: Lead with a Vision” on its blog and is based on one of my favorite nuggets related to stating a vision.

You can (and should) stretch yourself creatively by collecting pithy, approachable nuggets or reminders of what you may already know as a leader, but may be neglecting to put into practice. To learn more about leading with a vision, you can read the full article here.

Leadership Alert: George Barbee and Innovation Nuggets

Executive Book Summary: George BarbeeGeorge Barbee’s new book, 63 Innovation Nuggets (for aspiring innovators) has recently been included as an executive book summary in Soundview’s “Leadership Alert”. Innovation (and striving to be more innovative) is a key factor in the success of any business in today’s rapidly changing, highly competitive world, so we are pleased to contribute to this category.

Soundview is an organization that helps business professionals efficiently find the best information by, in part, providing business executive book summaries. Soundview also provides author webinars and video interviews with top business executives related to leadership, management, marketing, sales, and career development, and more.

Barbee’s book can be ordered here, through Amazon.

Training Magazine Embraces Innovation in the Organization

Training MagazineMost of us work for someone in an organization.

Training Magazine (a 50-year-old professional development publication) just released an article that brings techniques for offering innovation inspiration to both large numbers of employees and executive leadership groups.

Since companies can no longer rely on acquisitions for sustained growth, they must instill a renewed spirit of innovation down into their organization.

Take a look at Training Magazine’s article, Innovation Means Never Stop Learning, for a few tips on sustaining innovation—what I like to elevate as “The Learning Organization” in my book, 63 Innovation Nuggets. You can learn more about this book here as well.

Innovation and Growth: “Darden Ideas to Action” features Barbee’s new book, 63 Innovation Nuggets

Darden Ideas to Action George Barbee

Darden Ideas to Action,” a valuable thought leadership publication featuring University of Virginia Darden School of Business faculty research, analysis and commentary, has included excerpts from 63 Innovation Nuggets in its newest article, Active Innovation Leadership: What if Your Organization Isn’t Loaded With Geniuses Like Steve Jobs?.

Barbee states, “I was inspired to write 63 Innovation Nuggets (for aspiring innovators) because throughout my career I observed many different people who could stretch themselves beyond their self-perceived limitations and attain a far greater level of innovation than they initially thought they could.” So even if you are not Steve Jobs, you can still learn to be more innovative with the right tools. For example, learning how to observe and learning how to transfer what you have observed or learned is key to becoming more innovative—and we can all achieve that with determination and practice.

The full text of both “Observing as an Art” (which is Nugget No. 19) and “Transferring Innovations” (Nugget No. 23) are included in the article. For more innovative nuggets, you can order Barbee’s book on Amazon or read more about it here.


President stresses “innovation” in State of the Union.

The President’s State of the Union address was especially poignant for me after just returning home from the week long INNOVATION seminar I taught at UVA’s Darden School of Business.

In his speech, President Obama mentioned Steve Jobs and my ears perked. Specifically, Obama said that we, as a country—and whether Democrat or Republican—“should support everyone who’s willing to work; and every risk-taker and entrepreneur who aspires to become the next Steve Jobs.”

Indeed! This is exactly what the basic tenet of my book, 63 Innovation Nuggets (for aspiring innovators), encourages.

“After all, innovation is what America has always been about,” Obama continued. And he is right. Innovation drives much of what we all do in this county to make our lives easier, more meaningful, profitable, interesting, competitive …. the reasons behind innovation are countless.

It is heartening to hear our President talk about passing an agenda that will help start-ups and entrepreneurs succeed by providing financing, tax relief, and more support for research. You can read the entire address here at The New York Times.

We live in exciting times, and the fact that innovation continues to play an essential role keeps driving me forward in a meaningful way. This is what inspired my book in that innovation is teachable.

It’s time now for the presidential candidates to step up!

Fast Company: Barbee’s Book Busts “Thinker’s Cramp”

Fast Company - George Barbee
Fast Company’s Stephanie Vozza explores 6 myths surrounding innovation with author George Barbee and his new book, 63 Innovation Nuggets (for aspiring innovators). Barbee feels that “anyone is capable of being innovative.”

Barbee’s book can help break and even avoid the dreaded “thinker’s cramp” for individuals as well as small and large companies when it comes to entrepreneurial endeavors and innovation. You are selling yourself short “if you think innovation is only for genius inventors like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.”

To read more about these innovation myths (and how to bust “thinker’s cramp), continue on to the article at Fast Company.

UVA Today, Darden, Embraces Innovation: Interview with George Barbee

UVA Today

UVA’s Caroline Newman recently spoke with George Barbee about his recently published book, 63 Innovation Nuggets (for aspiring innovators).  In this interview, Barbee shares a few tips on how to become more innovative. You can read the full interview here: How To Become More Innovative.

Barbee’s book is available on Amazon.

George Barbee and Dean Scott Beardsley at UVA, Darden

Barbee (right) during an informal chat on grounds with UVa’s Darden Dean Scott Beardsley. Barbee and Beardsley both see that the leaders who can master innovation across the functional enterprise and globally will be the leaders of tomorrow. Barbee’s book, consulting and speaking are aimed at large corporate and entrepreneurial audiences encouraging that innovative culture.

Barbee (right) during an informal chat on grounds with UVA, Darden, Dean Scott Beardsley. Barbee and Beardsley both see that the leaders who can master innovation across the functional enterprise and globally will be the leaders of tomorrow. Barbee’s book, consulting and speaking are aimed at large corporate and entrepreneurial audiences encouraging that innovative culture.

You can order a copy of Barbee’s new book, “63 Innovation Nuggets (for aspiring innovators)” through Amazon.